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Welcome to the Township of The North Shore

A picturesque area located in Northern Ontario. Our residents are both friendly and welcoming.
The North Shore is a great place to live and to visit, with fresh air, pristine lakes and open spaces.

Our mandate as Council is to treat all with dignity and respect.

The Township has NEW Facebook and Instagram accounts:

Summer Student Employment Opportunity:

Can apply online: Governing > Employment > Click on Summer student or

You can print application and email or Drop off which can be found under

Governing > Applications and Permits > Municipal Employment application

Deadline for applications May 27, 2022


For Election Information and Updates please see Elections tab under Governing


2021 Financial Statements Now Available


Per Subsection 295 (1) a) ii) of the Municipal Act, 2001, copies of the 2021 audited consolidated financial statements for the Corporation of the Township of the North Shore are now available at no cost to any taxpayer or resident of the municipality. For further information, please contact the Treasurer at 705-849-2213 Ext. 23 or by email at



Please find below a link to a consultation notice posted on the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO) by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH). As part of the Housing Supply Action Plan (HSAP), MMAH has launched a public consultation to solicit feedback on providing greater flexibility and tools to support the unique housing needs of rural and northern municipalities.


We are sharing this notice with you as your organization may have an interest. The posting is open for 30 days and closes on April 29, 2022. Questions regarding the ERO posting can be directed to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing at


For more information about the posting or to submit comments visit:

Attention Residents: 

PUC, contracted by the Township of The North Shore, is requesting that they may have access to indoor taps in 5 homes in Pronto East and 5 homes in Serpent River to test the municipal water for lead. In the past they were able to test from the outside taps. Now they have to test from the inside taps. If you would be willing to allow an employee from PUC access to your home for this testing, please printout, sign and return the form to the municipal office or public works employee. this form can be found by clicking on the following:

 Living > Water Systems > Lead Testing Permission Form





January 12 2022 Council Meeting Update from the Mayor:




  • Realignment and addition of one staff member; Clerk, Treasurer/Bookkeeper, Receptionist/Office Assistant and Public Works Manager
  • 19 grant applications have been submitted of which 14 have been approved- the remaining five are still pending
  • Staff continue to upgrade- WETT inspections; refrigerant removal, administrative and financial courses, election procedures.
  • The township has become more independent and less reliant on outside contractors; a sweeper, a thumb, a bulldozer and a replacement riding lawnmower have been purchased. This is also the first year that the Township has not been required to contract snowplowing out
  • Increased total lot coverage for R4 zones and are working on similar increases for zones R1 and R2
  • The Shoreline has been replaced by an improved website, Instagram and Facebook as well as a bi-yearly newsletter which will accompany tax notices
  • Regular council agendas, being posted to our website, will be accompanied by background information so that ratepayers will have a better idea as to the pros and cons of various decisions
  • The township continues to request a speed limit reduction in Algoma Mills - a work in progress .
  • A reduction in propane costs was achieved
  • Tax arrears issues continue to be dealt with in an efficient fashion
  • The township is sitting in a good financial position. There exists approximately $95,400.00 for operating reserves and approximately $554,600.00 in capital reserves. The township's total expenses were below what was budgeted and the revenues were higher than budgeted resulting in an operating surplus for the 2021 year
  • Water treatment plants continue to be improved as funds are being received
  • The township has a new integrity commissioner who will be utilized when and if the need arises
  • Improvement of connectivity continues to be a priority - Starlink and H&M COFFI
  • Staff took the initiative to ensure health and safety protocols were in place during the pandemic; this included signage, deep cleaning, and the purchase of masks, wipes and hand sanitizers
  • More volunteer firefighters have been recruited including 2 junior firefighters. The fire department continues to be better equipped having purchased Bunker Gear for 4 firefighters and a 6 inch diameter Kochek Hose and an improved low level strainer. These purchases add to safety and efficiency.
  • Surplus land has been sold which will increase the municipality's tax base
  • I am sure that you have noticed that staff and council work well together and have a vested interest in moving the municipality forward and we will continue to do so into 2022


Two additional area codes will be introduced in Ontario in 2022.  The new 753 area code will be introduced starting March 26, 2022 in the regions currently served by area codes 343 and 613The new 683 area code will be introduced starting June 18, 2022 in the regions currently served by area codes 249 and 705. The introduction of these new area codes are the result of decisions by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and are  intended to meet the continuously growing demand for new telephone numbers.

The introduction of a new area code creates millions of additional telephone numbers without affecting the existing numbers.

Once the new area codes 753 and 683 are  introduced in March and June 2022., residents  and businesses requesting a new phone number may receive one with the new area code. Numbers with the new area code will only be assigned  once there is no longer a sufficient supply of numbers with the existing area codes.

The introduction of a new area code in a region does not affect the geographic boundaries for local calling areas or the way long distance calls are dialed. Special numbers such as 211, 311, 411, 611 and 911 will not be affected and will still be dialed using only three digits.

The Telecommunications Alliance

Canada’s major communications service providers have joined forces to develop a communications campaign informing the public about the introduction of new area codes in certain calling areas.  For more information about new area codes in Canada, please visit




I would like to thank you and your team for supporting the 2021 Census. Together, we celebrate the collective efforts of all Canadians who completed their census questionnaire. Your municipality played an important role in facilitating census collection encouraging your employees and the public they serve to participate in this national exercise. Your active support in sharing our content including emails, newsletters, social media content, and web features helped motivate and remind Canadians to complete their census questionnaire.

Participation across the country was simply outstanding. Thanks to your steadfast support, we achieved an overall collection response rate of 98.0% and an online response rate of 84.1%. This represents a new record for online response. The success of this campaign wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance and the encouragement of your municipality.

Your support has had a direct impact on gathering the data needed to plan, develop and evaluate programs and services that affect all Canadians. Census data supports numerous municipal programs related to infrastructure and public transportation, and are used to measure Canada’s sustainable development and environmental goals. Information from the 2021 Census will be particularly crucial, as it will help all levels of government evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and plan for the future.

Now that the 2021 Census cycle is complete, we are looking ahead to our census data release plan. We are proud to present “Your census, your stories: Canada’s portrait”. Our upcoming releases will provide Canadians their data in meaningful ways, including themed data sets. You can find the data release schedule on our 2021 Census dissemination planning web page.

Statistics Canada remains committed to supporting all levels of government with accurate and detailed sociodemographic data to inform public policy and program development. New quality indicators will be included with the data products, helping users to better assess the data quality and determine how well the available information meets their needs. Dissemination products for the 2021 Census will include more value-added features and tools for you to benefit from, such as analytical products, reference materials, data visualizations, geography products and custom services.

We previously sent you the Community Supporter Toolkit and we want to hear your feedback. We’re interested in learning how you shared our tools to spread the word about the 2021 Census. Which products did you find useful? Do you have any recommendations for how we could improve? Please let us know by emailing our Census Communications team at

For the latest 2021 Census information and developments, I invite you to visit our Census of Population and Census Engagement web pages and follow us on social media.

To highlight your support of the 2021 Census, I’ve attached a supporter badge that you can use in emails, presentations and share with your networks on your website or social media platforms.

Thank you again for your significant support in ensuring the success of the 2021 Census and please pass along my thanks to your staff.


Anil Arora
Chief Statistician of Canada
Statistics Canada / Government of Canada





Canada is safely managing its radioactive waste today and already has several long-term plans and projects in place. However, there are some gaps in addressing certain streams, specifically low-level and intermediate-level radioactive waste, that need an integrated, long-term strategy. The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has been asked by the Minister of Natural Resources Canada to lead the development of this strategy by engaging with Canadians and Indigenous peoples. 

Help us create a safe, integrated, long-term strategy for radioactive waste in Canada

Please share your thoughts on the best options to ensure all of Canada's radioactive waste is managed safely, responsibly, and effectively long after we're gone by clicking on the following survey link:





To quickly catch up on current events in our community, please view our monthly Shoreline publication.

The Shoreline, monthly current events newsletter
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A printed copy of The Shoreline can also be picked up by the mailboxes at:
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Vision Statement

“The Township of The North Shore will preserve its natural scenic beauty, have a business-friendly attitude, and build a strong sense of community to create an enviable quality of life for all residents and visitors. The people, businesses and government of the Township of The North Shore will work together to create opportunities for jobs, recreation, social interaction, education, and beautification.  We will be an attractive, healthy, progressive and cohesive community of which all residents will be proud.”