Building and Land Use Control

The Township's Building Inspector, Kevin Morris, Tulloch Engineering, may be reached by calling 705 842-3372 or 705 542-4462 (cell).  Building permits are required for any structure 100 square feet in size (10' X 10') or larger as well as re-roofing, siding and window replacement.  Whether you are remodeling your home or building a new structure, a building permit, as per our Building By-law, is required.  Call the municipal office to obtain a permit application before any work is done on your property or in your home.  Download an Application for Demolition or Construction or visit the municipal office during regular business hours.  Permit fees are based on the value of the project or a flat fee, depending on the job.  Failure to obtain a building permit may result in a municipal order to remove all constructed work at your cost.


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