This is the final resting place for your loved ones. Cemeteries are not simply a place where we bury the dead, they are places where their life is celebrated and honoured. If you are browsing this page on the occasion of the death of a loved one, we offer sympathy.




No interment may be made therein until the purchase has been paid in full.

Every purchaser of a lot/plot will receive a Certificate of Interment Rights after all charges have been paid.

The interment rights belong only to the persons named on the certificate and there is no transmission of interest through death.

No interment rights may be resold.

No monument may be installed until the purchase price has been paid in full.

No lot/plot may be opened for interment by any person not authorized by the municipality.

Not more than one interment may be in the same grave except in the case of infant twins or a mother and her baby. Except in the case of the following:

  • Full Size Burial Lots/Plots will be allowed with one (1) casket plus (1) cremation burial.
  • Full Size Burial Lots/Plots will be allowed up to four (4) cremation burials.
  • Two (2) cremation burials are allowed in each (2’ x 2’) cremation lot/plot.
  • Two (2) cremation burials are allowed in each columbarium niche.

All owners of lots/plots are required to keep in repair at their own expense all stones and monuments and to remove all rubbish occasioned by putting up or repairing such stones or monuments. As provision has been made for perpetual care of the cemetery the municipality undertakes the grading, seeding, grass cutting and general care. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any markers found to be in contravention of these regulations.

Please see the following link to read the Cemetery By-law 23-37

23-27.pdf (townshipofthenorthshore.ca)


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