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The Township of The North Shore is committed to planning and defining goals that will be used to develop the present infrastructure and provide a basis for planning future municipal services.  We will develop, analyze, communicate and present needs for infrastructure and incorporate economic, social and environmental issues into the long-term strategic planning.  Our goal is to create an attractive, convenient and controlled environment in which growth is economically feasible.

Water is provided to Serpent River and the Pronto East Subdivision, with Algoma Mills and Spragge on privately owned systems.

Wastewater is handled by individual septic systems in Spragge, Algoma Mills and part of Serpent River.  Residents of these communities are responsible for the periodic pump out and maintenance of their own septic systems.  In Pronto East Subdivision, a municipally maintained wastewater system services the 21 households. Storm drainage is by means of a system of open ditches and self-draining catch-basins.

Road maintenance is handled by the Public Works Department. Snow plowing and sanding is contracted out.

Landfill site is located in Serpent River for all residents.

Recreational Facilities are provided with access to parks, rinks, playgrounds, tennis courts, picnic areas and boat launching areas.

Emergency services are provided by the Volunteer Fire Department, O.P.P., and the ADSAB Ambulance.

Medical and Social services are provided outside of the Township.

Internet service is provided at the township office's Cap Site.  Highspeed service is available in Algoma Mills and Serpent River with dial-up service available in Spragge.

Schooling facilities are provided outside of the Township for elementary and secondary education.  A school for exceptional children is located in Serpent River.