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Rainbow District Animal Services and By-Law Enforcement have been appointed to provide Animal Services and By-Law Enforcement for the Township of The North Shore.

For concerns or complaints regarding nuisance dogs or cats, noise, parking or for general by-law inquiries and complaints, please call 1-800-836-6661.

Property Standards complaints, including complaints regarding the standard of "Rental-Units" must be made in writing at the Municipal Office during regular office hours.

Lost and found animal report may be placed 24-7 at www.rdshelter.ca

The Township's by-law requires that dogs be on a leash when not on your property. Dogs and cats permitted to run at large may be impounded and brought to the Animal Shelter in Azilda.

24-7 emergency response is available for Animal Service matters where a stray dog or cat is posing a public safety concern or is injured or ill and requires assistance, call 1-800-836-6661 and select "5" for emergencies.

Rainbow District Animal Services provides low cost re-adoption, euthnasia, burial and cremations services for dogs and cats.

Dog Licenses are required for all dogs. The annual fee for a dog license is $20.00 per dog. There is a special rate of $10.00 per dog for senior citizens. Dog tags are due on February 15th of the current year. After February 15th a $10.00 late fee is applied.

Licenses may be purchased at the Municipal Office, acquired by mail, online or by calling 1-800-836-6661 with a credit card or by visiting www.rdshelter.ca


The Township's Landfill Site is located at 5931 Highway 17 in Serpent River and our Operator, Gilles Gosselin, is on site Wednesdays and Sundays.  The site hours are the following:

Summer Hours - May 1st to September 31st

Wednesdays from 4:00 to 7:00 pm

Sundays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Winter Hours - October 1st to April 30th

Wednesdays from 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Sundays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

 Tipping fees are not required for light duty truck and small to medium trailers during normal operating hours. However, tipping fees apply after normal operating hours. For further inquiry please visit our tipping fees link or contact the municipal office during business hours.


The Township of The North Shore provides its residents with a bin site for household garbage in each village within the Township of The North Shore. In the village of Algoma Mills, the site is located behind the Municipal office at 1385 Hwy 17. The village of Spragge has its bin location at the mail boxes at 1067 Old Hydro Road. The village of Serpent River's bin location is at 5931 Hwy 17 (Landfill Site). These bin sites are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In addition to garbage bin sites in each village, there are recycling bins available.  A current flyer outlining accepted recycling materials, is available at the municipal office. Council and township staff appreciates your cooperation regarding garbage and recycling bin sites and encourage residents to recycle, reduce and reuse as it has a positive effect on our costs and will increase the lifespan of our landfill site.


The Township's Building Inspector may be reached by calling the municipal office at 705-849-2213 or 705-461-1821.  Building permits are required for any structure 100 square feet in size (10' X 10') or larger as well as re-roofing, siding and window replacement.  Whether you are remodelling your home or building a new structure, a building permit, as per our by-law, is required.  Call the municipal office to obtain a permit application before any work is done on your property or in your home.  Download a permit application or visit the municipal office during regular business hours.  Permit fees are based on the value of the project or a flat fee, depending on the job.  Failure to obtain a building permit may result in a municipal order to remove all constructed work at your cost.




The volunteer Fire Department operates out of two fire stations located in Algoma Mills and Serpent River.  The firefighters meet every Thursday of the month at Fire Station # 2, 5759 Highway 17, Serpent River at 7:00 pm.  New recruits are enthusiastically welcomed!

Fire Chief:  Matt Simon

The Department is equipped with a Pumper, a Rapid Attack Vehicle, a Rescue Van and other related equipment.  There is a radio communication system utilizing pagers with 24-hour monitoring, contracted through the Elliot Lake Fire Department. A Mutual Aid agreement with adjacent municipalities is in effect and a fire protection agreement for the Islands and remote properties is in place with the Ministry of Natural Resources.        


The Township owns and operates the water systems servicing the village of Serpent River and Pronto East Subdivision.   Dug and drilled wells and lake or river sources supply all other areas of the Township.





Wastewater is handled by individual septic systems in Spragge, Algoma Mills and part of Serpent River.  Residents of these communities are responsible for the periodic pump out and maintenance of their own septic systems.  In Pronto East Subdivision. a municipally maintained wastewater system services the 21 households.




The Township’s council chambers hall and kitchen are available for public use. A minimal fee is charged for profit activities.  For non-profit activities no fee is required.  Chairs, tables, picnic tables and benches may be rented for off-premise use. To book the hall or for more information regarding other services available at the municipal office, please call the municipal office during business hours.



Our free Internet Access Site is located at the Municipal Office in Algoma Mills.  The Community Access Program is a government program that allows all Canadians to have access to the Internet.  Our CAP site is available for use from 9:00am to 4:30pm during normal office hours.  The CAP site is  available for use at no charge.  Everyone is welcome to come to conduct research, use the computer programs, or surf Internet. 


Please feel free to drop in and visit our cap site.  We do ask that an adult accompany anyone under 12 years of age.





Free library service is provided at the Blind River Public Library for our residents.  The library is located at 8 Woodward Avenue in Blind River.


For more information please call 705-356-7616