Ancient alchemists believed in the mystical, magical and occult powers of the Philosopher's Stone, which they claimed was formed from the original substance of the universe.

The search for this fabulous stone was long considered to be a dominant objective of philosophers and alchemists.  Their dedication in attempting to discover this "quintessence" or "fifth element" (the other four being earth, air, fire and water) was the forerunner of modern science.

Such were the mystical powers of the Philosopher's Stone that anyone fortunate enough to own one was said to be ensured of good health, perpetual youth, success in love, wealth beyond his dreams and good luck in every undertaking.  One noted alchemists, Albert Magnus (1206-1280), claimed that his magical Philosopher's Stone could create summer or winter in his garden at his command.

This stone, discovered in the Township of the North Shore, is indeed a Philosopher's Stone. It comes from the Precambrian Shield in Northern Ontario, Canada.  These rocks are the oldest on earth and took all of geological time in their formation-over 1,710,000,000 years.  They predate the Olympian Gods and were already ancient when 80-ton diplodocuses roamed the earth and pterodactyls soared over the steaming jungles.

Ice ages have come and gone, mountains were formed and disappeared, Atlantis sank beneath the waves and new continents were born.  Volcanic activity was at an intensity that has never been rivaled and the outpouring of lava was the greatest since the dawn of time.

Here in the Township of the North Shore, the home of the Philosopher's Stone, where nature squandered unimaginable power, she was also storing it in the form of millions of tons of uranium throughout the area.  This, the most terrifying source of energy known to man, is also the power that imparts the mystical force contained in this small stone.

Hold in your hand and you hold the wisdom of the ages, the history of the Earth and the power of the Universe.  Power that you can draw from to soothe your moods, sharpen your mind and with concentration, enable you to communicate with mystical and occult forces that were and are yet to be.

Despite its fantastic power, this rock is perfectly safe to handle but must only be used to invoke good. Any attempts to subvert the magical powers of this stone for evil purposes is dangerous and could bring disaster to its owner.