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A breathtaking view of the falls can be seen from Highway 17 as you cross the bridge that spans the Serpent River.  A beautiful site during any season, it is sure to catch the attention of travellers.  The falls are a part of the Serpent River watershed that has played an important role in the local economy for centuries, providing furs, fish, and timber to the world.  The many lakes and rivers that make up the watershed provide excellent canoeing, camping, and sport fishing opportunities.

The Ojibway word "Kennebec" is translated as "Serpent".  We do not know if the name comes from the serpentine twists and turns the river takes from its source above the city of Elliot Lake to its entry into Lake Huron, or a legendary river monster.  Perhaps the famed monster was only a large pike, muskellunge, or sturgeon that inhabited the river.  Ojibway legends tell of the water monster MISHEBESHU ("great lynx") that is said to have an underwater den near the mouth of the Serpent River.  Legend also warns us to avoid disturbing the  "Serpent's Eggs".  Some believe the "eggs" to be the uranium-coated quartz nodules that were mined in the upper watershed from the 1950's to the 1990's.

A boat launch on Riverview Road in Serpent River provides residents and visitors access to the river.  The mouth of the Serpent River opens into Lake Huron.

Legend of The Philosopher's Stone