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The economy of the Township of The North Shore is in transition.  The impacts of closures in the mining sector in Elliot Lake have been felt in terms of employment, businesses, and support services throughout the North Shore area.  General recessionary impacts have also been experienced in terms of a slowing down economy, and in the past few years tourism has remained stagnant.


The Township's Mission Statement themes of Preservation, Enhancement and Promotion are in keeping with the economic concerns of the community.  Preservation of existing businesses and jobs in the community are priorities.  Enhancement of business opportunities by being a support, business-friendly community is of considerable interest to the local business community.  Finally, the promotion of the Township of The North Shore as a good place to develop new businesses is seen as essential to future growth of the area economy.




     1.  To create jobs for Township residents.

     2.  To provide opportunities for individuals to improve their quality of life.

     3.  To achieve growth in all aspects of the economy.

     4.  To promote the Township as a business friendly community.

     5.  To support local entrepreneurial development.

     6.  To act as a partner in the economic development of the community.




     1.  Work to attract potential businesses and promote the use of financial assistance agencies that are exclusive to the area.

     2.  Educate and encourage property enhancement through incentive programs and grants for property upgrading.

     3.  Look at identifying potential development of an industrial park, wilderness tours, small craft harbour, senior citizen housing, local historical sites, and local events.

     4.  Work with the business community to identify needs and develop promotional material to encourage business development.

     5.  Work with the proposed Business Association to identify, encourage and assist potential entrepreneurs in the community to investigate and develop their business ideas.

     6.  Work with local clubs to assist in developing and promoting snowmobiling in the area and conduct research into potential users of the fibre optic link.