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Council, under the authority of the municipality's Property Standards By-Law, appoints the members of this committee, but the committee does not answer to Council.  Committee responsibilities and authorities are legislated by the provincial Building Code Act and the provincial Planning Act.  Their purpose is to hear formal appeals to an order issued to a property owner or owners under the Municipality's Property Standards By-Law (By-Law No. 01-09) and to make a ruling in accordance with the Acts and the Municipal By-Law.  The committee holds regular meetings twice per year and special meetings as necessary to accommodate any appeals that may be processed.


The committee members are all residents of the Township and hold office for a period of three years from January 1st of the year of appointment.  When one considers the responsibilities of the Property Standards Committee it could be more aptly named The Property Standards Appeal Committee because it doesn't become involved in property standards issues until an appeal has been launched.  In order to maintain an unbiased position, neither the committee nor the committee members can be involved in property standards issues prior to an appeal.






Effective January 1, 1998 all municipalities were required to pay for policing.  The Township of The North Shore signed an agreement with the O.P.P to provide police services for the municipality.  As part of this agreement the Police Services Board was formed. The Board is made up of 3 members as set out in the Police Services Act.  There is one member from Council, one appointed by resolution of Council from the public and one appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.  The Board meets once a month, every 3rd Thursday at 10am, in Council chambers.


Members Position
Marc Provencher Municipal Representative
Jo-Anne Moor Provincial Appointee
Brenda Wilson Chair
Mary Lynn Duguay Secretary





The Committee of Adjustment consists of all members of Council.  They handle all planning matters in the Township.  Whenever a planning issue arises a meeting is scheduled and the matter is dealt with by the members.  Some issues that are dealt with are plans of subdivision, severances and amendments to the Official Plan and zoning by-law.

Members Position
Randi Condie Member/Mayor
Brenda Wilson Member/Councillor at Large
Sandra Kilfoyl Member/Councillor Ward 1
Barbara Barton Member/Councillor Ward 2
Joyce Robitaille Member/Councillor Ward 3
Mary Lynn Duguay Secretary/Clerk Treasurer