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The municipality was created as an Improvement District by order of the Ontario Municipal Board on March 1, 1973, comprising the geographic Townships of Shedden, Lewis, Spragge, Long and the easterly portion of Striker.  The area was enlarged on January 1, 1974 by the annexation of certain islands in the North Channel of Lake Huron and the Improvement District was elevated to Township status effective as of December 1, 1978.  A ward system consisting of six wards was established on December 1, 1980.  On November 1, 1985 the Township of The North Shore geographically separated from the Township of Shedden.


Our municipal government now consists of a mayor, three councillors elected by wards, and one councilor elected at large.


Located in Northern Ontario in the District of Algoma, the Township is comprised of 698 square kilometres, with three primary village areas of Serpent River, Spragge, and Algoma Mills.  It is situated along the Highway 17 corridor 143 kilometres (89 miles) east of Sault Ste. Marie traveling from Algoma Mills and 115 kilometres (72 miles) west of Sudbury traveling from Spanish. 


The Township of The North Shore's small friendly communities are located on the North Channel of Lake Huron and offer its visitors and residents a naturally beautiful area.  The majority of the Township is comprised of water, with significant lakes and rivers throughout.  Surrounded by forest it is also further identified by the characteristics of the Canadian Shield, which explains the hilly terrain and ridges found within.  Integrated together, these factors make the Township home for many species of wildlife.


A key feature of the area is the environment, which is exceptional for recreational activities during all seasons.




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